Tower ONE

Scheme 1 - A Proposal for a Mixed-Use Tower in


A proposal for a Mid-Rise tower

Tower ONE is a proposal for a Mid-Rise mixed-use development. The design of the tower uses the structural facade to avoid columns floating in the space and to reduce solar heat gain.

A Simple, yet Dynamic Modular Facade


Tower Program

Tower ONE is a proposed mid-rise mixed-use development that exemplifies our commitment to sustainable and innovative architecture. The tower, comprising 20 floors of commercial space and 10 floors of luxury residential units, aims to seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

A cafe is located in the ground floor lobby to provide dining options for occupants. The tower contains 3 floors of basement parking, though the building is located close to the metro line and ample bicycle parking promotes greener commuting methods.


Tower ONE’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its dynamic facade. The building incorporates a host of eco-friendly features, including a rainwater harvesting system, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and a cool roof that provides insulation and reduces the urban heat island effect.

These sustainable measures not only minimize the building’s environmental impact but also contribute to its long-term economic viability. By reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, Tower ONE sets a high bar for sustainable building design.

The Design

Structural Facade: Functionality and Performance

At the heart of Tower ONE – Scheme 1’s design lies its unique structural facade, characteristic of STE-AD‘s approach to design and construction. The facade, composed of two main repeating modules made from photocatalytic self-cleaning concrete, eliminates the need for internal columns, creating expansive, uninterrupted spaces that enhance the building’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The facade’s modularity not only simplifies construction but also contributes to the building’s energy efficiency. The trapezoidal glass panels, which constitute 37% of the facade, are strategically positioned to maximize natural light intake while minimizing solar heat gain. This, combined with the deep recesses created by the 3D facade panels, reduces the building’s cooling load significantly, making it more energy-efficient than the adjacent conventional all-glass curtainwall facades. This mid-rise mixed-use development establishes a new benchmark, not only through its distinctive structural facade but also through its comprehensive suite of sustainable features. 


The main structural elements of the exterior are the opaque ‘columns’ that zig-zag up the facade. These elements are comprised of white self-cleaning concrete – or photocatalytic concrete – that uses a titanium dioxide admixture to the concrete.

As you approach the ground floor at the lobby these white columns are contrasted by the inviting warmth of the natural wood finish of the arcade soffit and lobby ceiling. This natural timber is an exterior-grade wood cladding panel that can withstand the elements.

  • Area:

    14,032m² (151,039 sqft)

  • Floors:

    32 Floors + 3 Basement Parking

  • Materials:

    Self-cleaning concrete (photocatalytic concrete), PVDF Coated Aluminium Cladding, Natural Timber, Insulated Glass Modules

  • Construction to Begin:


  • Scope:

    Design Architect

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