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Sketch of Yuki No Taki House

Yuki No Taki Sketch


From this design sketch, a 3D model was quickly developed to prove the design and generate the plans, sections, and elevations in unison.


The design of Yuki No Taki came with a few specific requests in the client’s design brief:


  1. A covered car park space to protect from the heavy snowfall
  2. A snow room on the ground floor to change in and out of ski gear
  3. Living room and entertainment space at the highest level to take advantage of views of Mount Yotei


You can see from the sketches above that the ground floor consists of a car park and a snow room foyer with a staircase leading to L2. Located on L2 a master bedroom and 2 small bedrooms are situated while L3 contains the kitchen, dining, and living room. The lower portion of the building is cast-in-place concrete to withstand the high volume of snow accumulation in the area. The upper portions are clad with a paneling resembling Shou Sugi Ban (charred timber).


Yuki No Taki 3D Model


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