A combination of House and Museum on the


House and Museum

1 of 10 NFT Houses that are somewhere between a House and Museum – the purpose of the these 10 initial NFT Houses is to explore the potential between the built and digital environment.

1 of 10 initial NFT Houses Designed by STE-AD for the digital world.


The houses will be sold as an NFT themselves, in which the owner may display their NFT’s in the meta worlds such as Decentraland or The Sandbox. The houses may also be customized and developed by STE-AD with the NFT owner, the idea being that you may own digital and physical versions of your house.

The Design

NFT House


The initial concept is rather brutal yet minimal – the combination of house and gallery space. The purpose is for users to be able to view your NFT’s from the exterior.

Like the NFT’s they will display, the NFT Houses themselves are rare (only 10!) and collectable.

  • Area:

    465m² (5,000 sqft)

  • Materials:

    Concrete, Robinia Timber, Jumbo Curved Glass

  • Type:


  • Scope

    Designer and Minter

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