BEND House

A Robust and Refined Villa on the Beach of


Robust and Refined

Bend House is made of cast-in-place exposed concrete that focuses all attention on the beautiful beach upon which it is sited.

A Breezy Villa on the Beach


This 4,000 square foot beach house combines urban sophistication with simple modern design to pay homage to the beautiful nature of the Island of Ko Samet, Thailand. Only few hours drive from Bangkok, and then a short ferry, this property is ideal for the client who lives in Hong Kong and travels frequently to Thailand to beat the hustle of city life.

The design was developed with the client in Thailand with plans to be built in 2025.

The Design

Bend House


The elevated concrete box provides the private living quarters while the ground floor spaces are set for entertaining indoors and out. With a guest room on the ground floor it also serves as the perfect vacation property.

Filleted and right angles are played with to define the key points of the form.

The feature staircase not only connects the upstairs and down but it also places a role in blending the interior to the exterior. The bent wood staircase wraps from wall, to floor, to ceiling – creating a sculptural element that also forms part of the building envelope.

  • Area:

    372m² (4,000 sqft)

  • Materials:

    Concrete, Robinia Timber and Brass Detailing

  • Construction Planned:


  • Scope

    Design Architect

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