A CNC milled plywood desk inspired by the Work-From-Home movement

Adaptable and Multi-Use

CNC Mesh Desk - Closed CNC Mesh Desk - Open TV

The Mesh Desk was designed to suit a home office situation in which the home office is an attractive furniture piece that can sit in the living room and adapt to become a home office by day.

A CNC milled plywood desk inspired by the Work From Home movement prompted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Mesh Desk was developed by STE-AD as part of the start-up work of the company founding. A prototype has been built and is currently being developed for production and will soon be available for purchase online.

The Design

The design uses a ‘mesh’ or grid effect on the panels of the desk to make the desk feel light and also to lighten the weight for shipping. The Mesh pattern is designed in a way to suggest curvature on the plywood panels that will be flat-packed for shipping.

  • Size:

    2m (L) X 0.8m (W) X 0.75m (H)

  • Date:

    October 2021

  • Type:

    Built Prototype

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