MESH Desk Video

MESH Desk Video

A CNC milled plywood desk inspired by the Work-From-Home movement

The MESH desk was designed to be a hybrid desk that can adapt to become an office desk and can be quickly cleaned away to serve as a table, buffet or display piece in a living room. It was inspired by the recent Work from Home movement to provide a solution to having a work desk in a main living space. The desk has two working layers – the idea being that all of the mess and clutter of a typical office desk remains on the lower level which slides in and out and may be easily concealed at the end of working hours. A motorized stand lifts a large format display screen out of a concealed panel to give the option to have a large work screen or tuck it away to reveal a view or simply to hide screen outside of working hours. A slot for a replaceable 3D printed interchangeable component, as well as holes to place pens and pencils, are integrated into the top surface of the desk. Two storage panels can also be found on either side of the screen panel to store stationary and links to power and data.


The desk was built by STE-AD as a prototype and will soon be made available for purchase.


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Sean T Ellis

Sean is an Architect registered in New York State, USA, and a member of the American Institute of Architects since 2013. Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, has lived and worked in Kentucky, New York City, and currently Hong Kong. He has previous experience at several international design architecture firms including Studio Libeskind and UNStudio. Sean has a wide range of experience working on high-profile commercial, residential and cultural projects throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA.