Aerial Rendering of BEND House

June 23, 2022 Sean T Ellis

Aerial Rendering of BEND House

A Beach House in Thailand Approaching Self-Sustainability

This aerial perspective shows the South facade of the dwelling, as approached from the road, with the beach lying just to the north. Shading devices on the windows, photovoltaic panels on the roof, a water collection roof, and a cistern with a water filtration system push this house closer to being self-sustaining. Local timber is to be sourced for the bent-wood forms that create the walls, floors, and staircase that wrap the cast-in-place concrete walls of this beach house.

The main living space that opens to the pool and deck overlooking the ocean is designed to attract strong crosswinds off of the water and reduce the need for air conditioning throughout most of the year.

This rendering of BEND House was created using Rhino, Grasshopper, V-Ray, and Adobe Photoshop. We tried out Chaos Cloud rendering for the first time with this project and it dramatically increased our production time.


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Sean T Ellis

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