STE-AD Is Formed!

October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021 STE - AD

STE-AD Is Formed!

The Inaugural Post



Pop the champagne!

Sean T Ellis Architecture & Design Limited is founded in Hong Kong in 2021!


STE-AD is an Architecture and Design practice based in Hong Kong. We focus on design, from the end user’s perspective, with the intent of creating simple, yet provocative experiences.

We provide many services in several fields of Architecture and Design. We are experienced with creating complex geometries, technical detailing and computational design as well as graphic and industrial design. Founder Sean T Ellis, AIA has many years of experience working at several International Design firms and has worked on numerous completed residential, commercial and cultural projects around the world.

Our Vision

The practice is founded in order to pursue interests in the field of Architecture and to explore construction and fabrication techniques. Our love of working out Architectural details, fabricating components for facades and interiors, designing furniture and exploring new housing strategies will be at the focus of our practice.

We strongly believe that Architecture can be at the forefront of the effort to reduce the carbon footprint and the target of the Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 established by the Paris Agreement.

We also firmly believe in re-instilling the basic principles of Architectural design and practice over the years that seems to have been all but lost since the advent of Modernism. We will elaborate more on this later.


Good Architecture Can’t Come from a Bad Place.

It is our intention to create, within our office and within all of our projects, an environment in which emphasis is placed on the human experience and not on making money or making the ‘next coolest thing’. We attempt to make Architecture that is not merely intended as a background for Instagram photos.


Most importantly, we firmly believe the highest achievement in life is to enjoy it.


We look forward to sharing our work with you and hope to work with you some day.

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STE-AD is an architectural practice founded by Sean T Ellis, AIA in 2021 in Hong Kong. Having gained experience working for several prominent, international Architecture Firms, STE-AD was founded in order to prioritize a few key elements of Architecture: Sustainability To focus effort and research on reducing carbon footprint within Architecture and the built environment Modularity To make components of Architecture repeatable, yet customizable, to reduce cost and potentially benefit Sustainability Design To push design further and create beautiful and provocative places and objects will always be at the forefront of what we do